Protect a PDF file with a password

Protect your PDF file with a PDF password to prevent anyone from being able to open your document. This is a widely used feature of a PDF file, to allow only certain people to access the content of your PDF.

How can I protect a PDF with a password?

I've sometimes receive PDFs, which I had to enter a password before I could open it. Such a PDF password is a very handy thing. Can you tell me how I can protect a PDF with a password?

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On the right-hand side, simply download the 100% free PDF Software PDF24 and bring up the PDF you want to protect. Then simply click on "PDF Password" and enter any password, preferably one that is secure. If you want to open the file now, open the PDF reader as you normally would. This time it will ask you for a password before displaying the PDF document.

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Tip: With a password you can put different permissions under protection. This will also prevent the file from being printed or text being copied without a password.

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